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Fifty Two : Landscape Series Book

FIFTY TWO began in September 2009 as an exercise in discipline, painting one 7 x 7 image from the midwestern landscape each week showing nature and man working together. A red ground was chosen for the "soft pastel" pieces because I wanted to see the varied reactions of the colors of the sky, fields and paticularly ditches on this warm background. When I found a design I liked giving me a lot of sky, the clouds usually made interesting angles and offered openings for light to come through them. Sometimes they were dark and powerful, adding a sense of intensity to the feeling of the piece. Sometimes there were none at all! The roads not only gave direction to the designs, but they have always been psychologically important to me, suggesting the approaching opportunities of life that will be met as they are journeyed into the distance. When the paintings were hung in a show at the Heritage Gallery in Des Moines in November 2010, I was most surprised by how the images complimented each other.

The group needed to stay together. Thus my book "FIFTY TWO"
(The book marks included in the book are printed on the scraps left over from the landscapes.)

- Mary Muller