Many people want to be artists and feel because they cannot draw a straight line, or because they have no talented relative from whom they might inherit their ability, Why try? While it is true that the ability to create a beautiful painting is easier for some, a desire to draw and paint is fulfilled by an ability to see in a different way than most of us are taught to see, and gives any faithful pupil the tools for creating good paintings.

My teaching is based on the knowledge of the relationships viewed objects have with each other, and this is done simply by understanding how to measure these relationships. If a student will follow the instructions given, he/she can easily learn to apply this knowledge to the world around us and learn to create successful images on paper or canvas.

Because I love form - the way light hits objects - I still find the realistic approach to art very interesting and beautiful - and super material for my paintings and drawings. It is also the best source of material for learning how to draw, because the process is visual.

In my classes and workshops, the ability to draw (primarily still life, because it doesn't move) is expanded to include portraits, landscapes, figure drawing and the introduction to and use of color. I teach pastel, and oil painting. Watercolor is available to non-beginners in watercolor. In my studio, each student I take, however, must either know how to draw, or begin with basic drawing.